Further Reading Inspired by Wild

While reading Wild, I was able to listen to a few other long-distance backpacking tales from the Appalachian and the PCT (Still have not found one for the Continental Divide Trail).

Two of the ones I was able to listen to were AWOL On The Appalachian Trial and Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart. Both were telling of the day to day life on the trail, but also covered the emotional journey.

AWOL, a hiker name, had several missteps within his journey and often found himself at the whim of others. Through hitchhiking and asking to sleep in front yards, AWOL made his way slowly up to Maine from Georgia. He was taking a pause after some financial hardships in 2002 and decided it was time for him to commit to the journey. He is much more by-the-book and exact in his retelling than other books.

Carrot Quinn wrote Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart after she completed her 2013 trek of the Pacific Coast Trail. She found and lost love, she addressed her problems with food security, and of not having the proper gear. She was not focused as much on the getting there, but as her emotions surrounding her days. She is not as exact on the places she stopped or the guide she uses. However, she does say how many miles she walks in a day, the details of her zero days, and when she had to resupply. The only note I may add is that she is Gluten Intolerant and often eats gluten along the trail leading her to stomach pains. She also had tendinitis, tonsillitis, and a parasite that were all self-diagnosed. So take some of the emotions with a grain of salt and focus on the bigger journey.

Wild led to an interesting world of backpacking and long distance hikers that most do not go down. However, these stories are intricate and independent. It really shows the meaning of “Hike Your Own Hike”.

Please comment on other backpacking or adventure novels you would recommend!


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